Sculpting Brand Success with Indonesian MomFluencers


For many married women in Indonesia, particularly those residing in suburban areas, embracing the role of a housewife is a common choice. According to data from the Indonesian Central Statistics Agency (BPS), only 38.98% of women continue to work after marriage. So, how do housewives contribute to the digital marketing campaign journey for a brand?

This is the phenomenon of digital realm in Indonesia where it can lifted housewives can earn more money to support their family.

MomFluencers: Flourishing in the Digital Society

Despite the lingering patriarchal culture in Indonesia, housewives are far from powerless. The digital world has provided them with a stage to shine, notably through the phenomenon of “MomFluencers.” Many Indonesian housewives join specific communities or platforms to become influencers, building personal brands through captivating social media content focusing on expertise in parenting, home and living, food, and more.

The demand for MomFluencers in Indonesia is substantial, ranging from macro to micro tiers. Brands, especially those targeting babies and children, allocate a significant portion of their budgets to influencer marketing. This isn’t limited to baby products but extends to household-oriented brands like vacuum cleaners, food, finance, cars, or furniture.

As an example, Santan Kara, a prominent coconut milk brand in Indonesia, successfully leveraged MomFluencers and housewife communities. They launched the #cookfromhome & #juaradarirumah (#TheWinnerFromHome) campaign during the pandemic, collaborating with MomFluencers and housewife communities. The result? 2000 participants, 2000 coconut milk-based recipes, and content owned by Santan Kara. Engagement soared, and content became more diverse.

Affiliate Marketing: Empowering Housewives

Beyond being MomFluencers, housewives actively engage in affiliate marketing to earn additional income. This is especially true for baby and children’s products, as well as popular motherly attire such as the best-selling “gamis.”

According to KataData Indonesia 2023, the top three affiliate programs include Shopee, TikTok, and Tokopedia. This underscores the vital role housewives play in driving the digital market, particularly in the categories of baby products and household essentials.

Targeting Markets with Precision Strategies

The digital activities of housewives are diverse and impactful. In marketing strategies, leveraging the housewife segment proves effective for products related to babies, children, and household needs.
Through MomFluencers and affiliate marketing, housewives not only contribute creatively but also positively impact Indonesia’s digital economy. This impact is evident in heightened exposure, engagement, and personalization for brands.

This serves as evidence that, in the digital era, every individual, without exception, can play a part in shaping trends and making tangible contributions to Indonesia’s digital society. Get know more for Indonesian Marketing trends at or contact more at [email protected].

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