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Want to boost your online business, but don’t know where to begin?
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Our Service

Step 1. One-to-one professional consultation
cacaFly consultant team will conduct one-to-one consultations with you to understand your needs, budget and goals.
Step 2. Preliminary industry analysis
We will analyze your industry and your company's products/services to create an exclusive marketing strategy for you.
Step 3. Campaigns & media planning
After deciding on your marketing strategy, we will execute the strategy on your behalf, including production of marketing creatives (copywriting, images etc.), social media management (Facebook, Instagram), customized advertising needs, influencer marketing, advertorials etc.
Step 4. Data monitoring and analysis
During the execution of the marketing campaign, our consultants will help you monitor relevant data continuously and analyze the campaign's effectiveness through analytical reports.
Step 5. Marketing campaign optimization
Our team will optimize your marketing activities accurately in real-time based on analytical insights and our professional experience to maximize the effectiveness of your budget.
Step 6. Review Report
Once the marketing campaign has ended, you will receive a complete case report.

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