Pet Food in Indonesia Facing Huge Increment in Post-Pandemic Era

Pet Food in Indonesia

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things in our lives, including the way we interact with other people. During this difficult time, many people feel lonely and isolated. One way to cope with loneliness is to get a pet. Data shows that the search volume for the word “Pets” in Search Engines increased by 88%, […]

Digital Consumerism in Indonesia : Social Media and FOMO Trends

Digital Consumerism

In the vibrant and unique market of Indonesia, where price sensitivity is a defining characteristic, a fascinating shift is occurring – the rise of digital consumerism. Despite the emphasis on affordability, Indonesian consumers exhibit a remarkable ability to make purchases inspired by the products they discover on social media.   Unlocking the Power of Social […]

<br>Crafting the Perfect Content Strategy for Social Media Success

In the dynamic landscape of today’s digital world, a robust content strategy for social media has become a vital component for businesses, brands, and individuals alike. With a multitude of platforms and a plethora of content types, creating a well-defined strategy is essential to cut through the noise and engage your target audience effectively. In […]

Email Marketing: Complete Guide to Unlocking the Mistery!

email marketing

As the epitome of power and mastery, with more than 15+ years in marketing, we would like to share about the mysterious realm of email marketing. Here, catch some secret tips of conducting email marketing campaigns with a touch of magic, ensuring dominance and success in every aspect. Build a Solid Subscribers’ List:The first step […]

The Complete Guide to Performance Marketing

performance marketing

Welcome to the world of performance marketing, where results are the name of the game. The principles of performance marketing are surprisingly similar to anything you have seen, yet here you can measure the return since you can see how many conversions attributed to each ads you are running. Buckle up and get ready to […]

7 FREE SEO Tools Worth to Try!

alat SEO gratis

Optimizing a website to appear on the first page of search engines like Google is essential in the world of digital marketing. One way to do SEO optimization is by using free SEO tools. Here are 7 free SEO tools that can help you improve your website’s SEO ranking. Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is one of […]

Digital Marketing Trends 2023: Increase Brand Awareness with New Technology

digital marketing 2023

Digital marketing continues to evolve with new technology and innovations that will impact trends in 2023. To win in an increasingly competitive market, companies need to pay attention to digital marketing trends that will emerge in the coming years. Here are some digital marketing trends that will increase brand awareness in 2023. AI and Machine […]

Metrodata Electronics partners Taiwanese digital agency cacaFly for new venture

Indonesian ICT company Metrodata Electronics has partnered with Taiwanese digital marketing agency cacaFly to launch a new data-driven digital marketing agency in Indonesia named cacaFly Metrodata Indonesia (CMI). CacaFly will own 51% of the agency while Metrodata owns the remaining 49%. Amanda Lai (pictured) has been appointed as the GM based in Jakarta. She previously worked for […]