Cacafly Metrodata Indonesia (CMI) Launches AI Influencer Marketing Platform KOL Partners

KOL Partners

JAKARTA, DATE — Cacafly Metrodata Indonesia (CMI) has recently launched KOL Partners, an AI influencer marketing platform. KOL Partners provides marketers with intelligent recommendations for selecting influencers, resulting in lower costs, and faster and more effective campaigns. KOL Partners helps marketers generate lists of KOL recommendations using AI, based on influencers with similar followers and […]

Unlocking Business Potential through Google Analytics 4: Turning Data into Actionable Insights

Google Analytics 4

Ever wondered how data can predict the state of your business? Or how you can harness data for perpetual use? On December 14th, Jakarta bore witness to an event titled “Unlocking the Power of Data: Indonesia’s Most Comprehensive GA4 Masterclass for Cross-Platform Insights to Actionable Data Integration Strategies.” This collaborative event, orchestrated by cacaFly Metrodata […]

Metrodata Electronics partners Taiwanese digital agency cacaFly for new venture

Indonesian ICT company Metrodata Electronics has partnered with Taiwanese digital marketing agency cacaFly to launch a new data-driven digital marketing agency in Indonesia named cacaFly Metrodata Indonesia (CMI). CacaFly will own 51% of the agency while Metrodata owns the remaining 49%. Amanda Lai (pictured) has been appointed as the GM based in Jakarta. She previously worked for […]