Facebook Ads

Digital Advertising

Huge and frequent audience

Indonesia is the third-largest Facebook market in the world with 140 million active users. Compared with all the social platforms, Facebook is also the most frequently used by Indonesians on a daily basis.

Set your own budget

Facebook ads budgets are determined by the brand and can be adjusted at any time during the campaign. Making them a suitable option for all sizes of brands and campaigns.

Campaigns tailored your specific business objectives

Facebook, 11 ad objectives are grouped into 3 categories based on what stage in the buyer's journey the people you want to target are in. This allows you to pick the exact one that meets your business goals and set what you want people to do when they see your ads.

Exceptionally precise ad targeting

Facebook offers impressively powerful ad-targeting algorithms that are powered by the immense amount of user data on the platform. Three targeting methods are offered: Core Audience, Custom Audience, and Lookalike Audience.

Create retargeted audiences with Pixel

Install Facebook Pixel to measure the effectiveness of your Facebook ad campaigns by monitoring the actions people take both on your site and elsewhere. Facebook pixel opens up a deeper level of insights as you are able to identify browsing and purchasing activity.

Ad Format
  • CPAS
  • Like
  • Carousel
  • Collection
  • Lead
  • App Installs

Marketplace collaborative ad

Are you using Shopee or Lazada to sell goods?
CPAS can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your ads!
CPAS is a collaborative ad format by Shopee, Lazada and Facebook. Upon approval, brands can collect data from the Marketplace, and the data will be sent to Facebook to perform retargeting on the group of consumers who have interacted with their stores and products. 

Page Likes Ad

Want to increase the number of your fan page likes and enhance brand awareness? Like ads are just for you!
Like ads comes with a Call-to-action button, which can effectively direct the audience to like a specific page.

Carousel Ad

This ad format contains multiple images. Advertisers can set the different titles, captions, and URLs for each image, which helps to increase conversion and traffic.

Collection Ad

Collection ads are suitable for increasing conversions and establishing brand image.

The featured set of ads include a main horizontal visual and 3 to 4 square product images. Clicking the ad will give the audience a full-screen Instant Experience, displaying more product information and Call-to-action button.

Lead Generation Ad

Do you want to develop potential customers? Are you in the industry such as beauty, real estate, or consulting?

Lead Generation Ads can help your business! Brands can employ this ad format to acquire and further develop potential customers.

App Installs Ad

Are you an app developer looking to increase the visibility and downloads of your app? Then this is the right ad format for you!

You can use images or videos to capture audience’s attention to get them to click the Call-to-Action button in the ad to complete the download.

Our Process

Analyze your brand’s positioning and core audience. Asses customers’ pain points and your brand’s main selling points for that audience.

We will meet with you to define your goals, budget, and the main objectives for the marketing plan.

When the plan is completed, we will seek confirmation from your team.

We will then kick off the execution stages. Performance data will be closely monitored by our consultants and based on this, recalibrations will be made during the campaign.

We will then kick off the execution stages. Performance data will be closely monitored by our consultants and based on this, recalibrations will be made during the campaign.

Throughout the campaign period, you will receive routine follow-ups and reporting from our team. We will also be available for suggestions and comments from your side.